LitSpace is a space for creative freedom. You can create from anywhere in the world and share your works with other project participants. There are no limits to imagination! Creativity is what makes us free and unites us. We are all different, but that doesn't stop us from being together.

Share your works and thoughts, publish novels, poems, and stories, and you will surely find a readership.

On LitSpace, there are no restrictions on copyright. You can post works both on our website and on any other platform. All rights remain with you.

Join our community, free from imposed censorship policies. Start a blog on literature or personal topics, keep up with your friends' news, create your cozy space on LitSpace.

Our main goal is to create a free space for creativity where there is no wrong language, gender, or nationality, where the human right to be oneself is respected, where literature is not dictated by censorship or commercial law, but rather something important and profound - freedom and the creative flight of thought. Sadly, in the world, there are a million reasons to divide people, make them fear the "other," those who think differently, and too few reasons to come together, try to understand each other. We will do our best to make LitSpace one of those reasons.

Of course, we respect the laws of any country and do not intend to violate established moral norms, but it is important to remember that law does not always mean common sense, especially in the current situation.

Currently, LitSpace is available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. We plan to add English and Spanish in the near future. However, books can be published in any language in the world, as desired by the author of the work.

We strive to provide as many payment methods as possible so that readers can purchase their favorite works from anywhere in the world.

There are no restrictions on LitSpace regarding copyright or genres. You can publish your works on our website or any other platform. All rights remain with you.

Of course, you can! All you need to do is publish your novel or other form of work and choose a paid distribution method. You can read more about the selling conditions here.

Currently, you can publish books in English, Spanish, Moldovan/Romanian, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. If your book is written in a language not listed, you can easily send us a request to add the desired language.

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