Site Rules

We value freedom and the right to self-expression for every user, but we ask you not to forget that one person's freedom ends where another's begins!

  1. Freedom of speech is guaranteed to everyone.
  2. Please maintain mutual respect even if you hold a different opinion from your conversation partner.
  3. If your work is intended for an adult audience, please remember to set the 18+ status in the settings.
  4. Use appropriate tags for your work. This will significantly help readers in their search.
  5. If you are posting an incomplete text of your work, don't forget to set the "preview fragment" status.
  6. Please divide your text into chapters or sections; this will make reading easier for the audience and editing easier for you. The chapter's size should not exceed 100,000 characters.
  7. Specify the form of your work correctly:
    • Story - a short-form work. Up to 5 pages.
    • Novella - a medium-form work. Consists of several parts. A novella implies one plotline, a short time frame, and a small number of characters. Length: 2 to 7 pages.
    • Novel - a large-form work. Consists of several parts and can have multiple plotlines, a large number of characters, and can stretch over a longer period of time. Length: 7 pages or more.

Prohibited on LitSpace:

  1. Posting content that promotes social, racial, national, or religious hatred and enmity. Propagating social, racial, national, religious, or linguistic superiority is prohibited.
  2. Forcing the expression of one's opinions and beliefs or compelling others to abandon their own.
  3. Insulting users using offensive language.
  4. Publishing and using works for which you do not hold the copyright, without the permission of the copyright holder.
  5. Creating promotional comments and messages, including personal ones, as well as promoting like manipulation and sending spam.
  6. Completely copying content from other websites if you are not the author, have not received approval from the author, or have not provided a link to the original source.
  7. Creating multiple accounts. This may result in the blocking of all your accounts.
  8. Posting someone else's personal information without the owner's permission.
  9. Publishing the same work multiple times. This may result in the suspension of your account and the removal of your works from publication.

Rules for Review and Recommendation Formatting:

A review differs from a recommendation in that it must contain a review and analysis of the work. The minimum length of a review is 3000 characters including spaces, while the minimum length for a recommendation is no less than 1000 characters.

  1. A review is written for a completed work or one close to completion.
  2. A review implies that the reviewer has read the work in its entirety, not just one or two chapters or a cursory glance at the text.
  3. A review may contain personal opinions, but the primary task of the reviewer is to conduct an analysis of the work.

Main evaluation criteria:

  1. Overall impression - may include personal opinions.
  2. Plot - how logical and smooth it is, whether there are plot holes or unresolved plotlines.
  3. Characters - how well-defined the characters are, whether they are relatable and evoke empathy.
  4. Main message of the work - what idea is embedded in the text.
  5. Style and language - how skillful the author is with words.

Evaluation criteria are recommendations; the reviewer has the right to act according to their own plan.

When writing a review, it is strongly recommended to refrain from personal attacks. Distinguish between the author and their work. You are critiquing the text, not the author's personality.

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